Portrait Analytics

Say hello to the newest member of your investment team

Portrait Analytics is a personal research assistant that empowers analysts to discover and ramp up on new investment ideas in record time. Dive into your next great investment idea today

Portrait helps public market analysts...

Generate new ideas squarely in your strike-zone

Idea search and recommendation that is personal and intuitive

Learn the story behind the stock chart

Immersive company case studies that simulate the experience of covering a stock for years

Find key information with speed and precision

Natural language search engine that uses filings and research to answer your questions


Annotated stock chart case studies

Feel like you’ve covered a company for years after just a few minutes spent clicking through an annotated stock chart. Develop a feel for how the story and KPIs have evolved over time in order to contextualize the set-up today


Intuitive Q&A-Based Search

Rather than scroll through dozens of keyword search results, save time by simply asking a question. Whether you’re looking for a needle-in-the-haystack figure, or a synthesis of qualitative commentary about a key topic, Portrait will find your answer

"A consumer finance business that's growing its healthcare loan book and is highly profitable, well capitalized, and trades below 15x NTM EPS"


Flexible and Personalized Idea Search

Screen for new ideas using nuanced and targeted qualitative and quantitative criteria. Receive personalized recommendations based on ideas that best match your personal style and strike-zone


Excel Native Search

Have a question about what's driving a figure in your model? Use the Portrait add-in to quickly search for the explanation from management

What early reviewers are saying...

I've historically struggled to make screens actually useful. Portrait's idea search engine is a powerful tool for my idea generation process

Analyst at $9b L/S fund

As an industry generalist, Portrait's case studies help me close the knowledge gap to peers who have followed stocks for years

Principal at a $30B long-only fund

It's obvious this was built by someone who's been an analyst!

Analyst at a $4B market neutral fund

Our Story

Portrait’s mission is to accelerate and deepen powerful investment research by making learning frictionless. Our vision is a future in which every investment analyst has a super-powered research assistant at their side.We were cofounded by a chronically time-strapped buyside analyst who sought a better way to efficiently consume data from filings, transcripts, and research. With this goal in mind, Portrait leverages state-of-the-art machine learning applications to search, summarize, and synthesize investment content. With Portrait, analysts spend more time learning and thinking at the top of their creative powers, leading to faster research and superior investment judgement.

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